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T2D Program: Headliner
Confident Woman

Transform your employees, accelerate your business.

Coaching helps your employees identify their "glows" and "grows." We work on both to achieve their personal career goals, transforming themselves and dramatically improving corporate performance.

Coaching that drives your business strategy and employee performance. 

I use behavior-based personalized coaching to accelerate your employee's long-term growth  — because so goes your employees, so goes your business.


My coaching is based on decades of behavioral science and is rooted in both Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Growth engineering for your employee base.

All organizations need growth engineers to scale the organization. I develop your largest growth gear -- your employees.

woman looking at phone
Two people in casual meeting

1:1 Coaching

Developing individuals in a confidential and safe environment. Growth goal attainment is the primary focus. 

Man looking at phone

Spot Coaching

When employees need advice or that can't wait they  message me and we connect as soon as possible to discuss the issue. 

Support Group Meeting

Group sessions

Employees draw on each other for support in developing new behaviors, making it easier to gain and maintain new skills.

Human to Human

Coaching changes careers and lives.

Karen A.

Product Strategist

Steve helped me to hone my leadership, communication and people management skills.  He helped me to take them to the next level, which resulted in my being promoted nearly a year earlier than I was targeting. Thank you, Steve!!! 

I'm a leader.

Chris K.

Director, Customer Promotions

I’ve tried working with other career coaches but most of them only know about business from what they read in books. Steve has walked in my shoes. He’s been a software engineer, salesperson, marketing leader and senior executive.  He knows before I do what I need to reach my career goals because he’s lived what I am going thru.

He's walked in my shoes.

Angela M.

Chief Operating Officer

“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

I have balance in my life.

I traveled a lot for work. And it was stressful. I didn't sleep enough. I ate poorly and tended to put a lot of stress on my family. Working with Steve helped me prioritize where I should focus my efforts. I learned to balance my health and well-being with my career passions and in so doing, became a better leader, partner and parent.
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