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Using SMART Goals to Meet Your Health Objectives

stretching exercise
  • I’m having so much trouble losing weight.

  • If only I could eat a few slices of pizza.

  • Why can’t I get my a1C down?

  • Why am I so undisciplined?

Diets will not deliver the change you seek. That change resides within you.

“But what about Keto and low-carb, whole food etc. They’re all plans.”

Yes, but the plans are merely tools. They are not how to achieve your goal.

And, what benefit is an external plan if you can’t internalize it, own it, and make the behaviors associated with the plan sustainable?

Part of the job of a diabetes health coach is to help you identify the goals you want to achieve in your health and well-being. Then you both generate the steps you can take to achieve those goals.

The goals you set are SMART.

SMART goals for diabetes health

Specific – It's concrete and precisely defined.

SMART: I will walk 20 minutes a day at 4PM. I will do this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

NOT SMART: I will get some exercise a few days/week.

Measurable: How much of my specific goal did you realize?

SMART: I walked on Monday and Thursday this week. I walked for 20 minutes on Monday and 45 minutes on Thursday.

NOT SMART: I walked a few times this week.

Accountable: I own meeting this goal and no one else.

SMART: If someone wants to join me on my walk that's fine, but I'm going to walk whether I have a walking companion or not.

NOT SMART: My friend will call me, and then we will go out walking.

Realistic: The goal is a stretch goal, but also achievable.

SMART: I'm just starting out with my new exercise regimen, so I am not going to run, but I am going to walk.

NOT SMART: I’m going to run 5 miles a day for 30 days because I want to get a jump on my fitness.

Time bound: The goal is precisely defined with timing as part of the definition.

SMART: I'm going to walk on Monday and Thursdays from 3-4PM. I will do this 5 weeks.

NOT SMART: I will walk for a while a few days a week.

Once you start using SMART goals, you will notice that achievement is easier. You’re the one defining the goals. The diabetes coach is there to help you define them and structure them, so they are attainable.

The beauty of all this is you and your coach design your plan based on your needs, your level of "freshness" and your desires.

You can do this.


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