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Eliminating Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like a fraud or phony at work? Are you worried that you are going to be "found out"?  You're not the only one. Imposter Syndrome is a mantal health condition found only in High Performers. Its been a recognized issue in business performance since the 1970's.

Webinar: Eliminating Imposter Syndrome from Your Life.
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February 27, 2024, 11:30 AM Eastern Time.

What type of Imposter are you?

Woman with baby on lap

The Perfectionist

Achieving an outcome is never enough for you and you are always hungry for more success, better outcomes, and higher prestige. You pretty much feel unsatisfied no matter how hard you  work.

Woman speaking

The Superperson

You thrive on showing off your abilities and are willing to work crazy long hours to be validated by your co-workers and managers. You are constantly trying to prove that you can handle anything.

Young professional with beard

The Natural Genius

You believe you get it right the first time but when you don't you beat yourself up and cringe at the thought of feedback and rework is threatening. If you didn't get it right you feel like a failure. 

Grey haired man thinking

The Soloist

Like your friend the natural genius, you're really not too interested in  help from others, however, you almost resent others altogether and are not willing to ask for help, regardless of the situation. 

Grey haired businessman with tablet

The Expert

“I not making a move until I know as much about this project as possible." You have a bit of a compulsive need for knowledge and experience before attempting a job. You may also have a tendency to be critical of those

who  “work to learn” or take aspirational roles.  

It's going to be okay.

  • Impostership only occurs in high-performers.

  • Everyone gets it at one point in their lives.

  • There are clear and easy ways to mitigate it.

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