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Your Child Has Diabetes,
Now What?

Download the latest e-book written by Steve Mann, Diabetes Coach, for parents and caretakers of children recently diagnosed with diabetes.

Parents of newly diagnosed children are overwhelmed by the amount of information coming out them. This information firehose can freeze parents in place, and not being able to move forward to effectively care for their child.  This ebook is for them.


Using "non-doctor speak" the ebook covers the essentials of parent diabetes management and strategies 

What You'll Learn

Introduction to diabetes, its cause and impact 

The fundamentals of diabetes management

Dealing with emotional and family impacts of chronic illness 

Bringing your family together in the face of a diabetes diagnosis 

Download Your Copy Now

Thank you for downloading the Mann Diabetes Coaching eBook, Your Child Has Diabetes, Now What?. 


Click here to download your copy.

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Meet the Author, Steve Mann


When I was diagnosed, there were no support teams for those with diabetes.  There were no diabetes Facebook groups, or any groups for that matter, or online forums and the JDRF was just an idea of a group of parents.


Even with all the advancements in technology and support opportunities, those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes still struggle to stay healthy - to manage sugars, lose weight, determine which diet and exercise plans work best or minimize complications.  


I became a coach to help others with diabetes realize these health and wellness goals. And, I'd like to help you.



With a Diabetes Coach, you'll never walk alone. 

We focus on the basics - what you need to know about diabetes, learn the key skills to help your child, and how to execute a diabetes management plan.


We also deal with the emotional and relationship dynamics that can have a profound effect on the health and happiness of a child with diabetes.

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