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T2D Program: Headliner

Unlocking Leadership Potential: Founder to Leader in 8 Steps

As an investor you know that the success of your portfolio companies hinges on effective leadership. Founder to Leader in 8 Steps explains how Leadership coaching guides technical founders in their transition to visionary leaders which fosters corporate and team growth and enhances long-term success.

What's Inside

You'll learn about the necessity for leadership coaching for your portfolio companies and how it advances an individual. It covers issues such as:

  • Communication: is probably the most important skill a leader needs to be competent in - everything from active listening, developing empathy, simplifying complex ideas, and mastering non-verbal communication.

  • How coaching helps create robust talent strategies and overcome imposter syndrome.

  • How to develop a culture that scales and is sustainable.

  • How can you enable leaders to make data-driven, strategic decisions that propel growth.

  • Can a technical founder be operationally savvy?

  • What can be done to promote continuous leadership growth and development?

Why Leadership Coaching?

It enhances a founder's unique strengths, turning potential into a tangible leadership skillset. Coaching programs build confidence, sets actionable goals, and removes growth blockers, ensuring that founders evolve into the leaders their companies need. And, it has a 6-10x ROI over any other training modality.

About Steve

As an expert leadership & health coach and seasoned technology executive, Steve works at all levels of the world's most dynamic firms to guide individuals in achieving personal and professional breakthroughs, improve work-life balance, and boost performance. His specialties include leading through change and uncertainty, developing executive presence, eliminating imposter syndrome, career advancement, communication mastery, and job transitioning. Having navigated complex challenges across multiple industries, he takes an empathetic and pragmatic approach which is industry-tailored and backed by 1000's of coaching hours. 


Connect with Steve


M: +1 646-257-9135


Download: Founder to Leader in 8 Steps

Founder to Leader Peer Support

Technology and other high-pressure sectors force unprecedented challenges that come with operating at the highest levels of leadership. From navigating complex politics to avoiding burnout, you need unique support.

The senior executive peer program provides the tools to navigate career success.

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