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Leadership and Career Coaching with Steve Mann

If You Landed on This Page you...

A. Know precisely what you want to accomplish with coaching. 

B. Want to be coached but your end goals are unclear. 

C. A friend recommended coaching and you want to see what it's all about. 

D. You want to stream season 3 of Bridgerton on Netflix but you mistyped the URL.

E. All of the above.

No matter how you got here, welcome. I’m glad you came.

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My clients work at the most prestigious organizations in the world.


Don't ask if you should work with a man or woman. 
Ask why you should be coached by Steve Mann.

I believe...

Dare to be great. Here's how.

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Define your goals

We will identify your personal and professional goals and the steps to get you there.

Acquire new skills 

You’ll create a foundation of new attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to sustain long-term change.

Results that matter

Become expert in communications, leadership, eliminating imposter syndrome, executive presence and self-awareness -- with healthy work-life balance.

Enhance and sustain

Focus on continuous learning and sustaining behaviors over the long term is essential. We will integrate and cement your newly developed skills as a permanent part of your life. 

Ambition, Skill, Executive Presence, Communication Mastery, Vision,  Awareness, Sponsorship, Mentorship

Bias, Imposter Syndrome, Poor Culture, Lack of Strategy, Disengagement
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A leader's formula for success

Real-world results

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Owned and promoted their success.

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Eliminated Imposter Syndrome.

Unwound blockers preventing personal and professional advancement.

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Developed resilience and conquered workplace and personal challenges.

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Boosted Executive Presence competency.

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Healed from crippling burnout.

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