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T2D Program: Headliner
Adaptive Athlete

Personalized Health Coaching 


I want to feel like myself again.

man in gray suit jacket wearing black sunglasses_edited_edited.jpg

Have you ever thought...

I want to rekindle my relationships.

Senior couple hugging

I have the desire and willingness to be better than the day before.

Happy Man with arms crossed

I have an open mind and I'm ready for change.

Senior Woman

Then it's time to take the next step.

Health coaching helps you get “unstuck” by developing the tools and strategies to become aware of your blocks and patterns so that you can move forward toward the vision you have for yourself.


My coaching method is rooted in behavioral change and public research and focus on putting you in the driver's seat.

Dedication to every aspect of your health and wellness.

diabetes management plan

Guide development of habits and behaviors to consistently meet your goals.

diabetes community

Navigate the impact of chronic illness on your personal and professional relationships.

diabetes technology guide

Selecting  tools for your goals and lifestyle. 

diabetes councelling

Available to answer questions, provide support, or just listen.  

diabetes health and fitness management

Sustaining behaviors to meet nutrition, fitness and wellness goals.

diabetes management tips

Support holding yourself accountable for meeting health and wellness goals.

Dedicated to your health and wellness

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