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The Health Apps That Matter

Apps are excellent tools for monitoring and improving your health.

They can help you keep track of your diet, exercise, and glucose data, and help you and your health care provider work together. For instance, apps like Tidepool automatically track and graph your glucose values throughout the day.

Here Are My Favorite Health Apps

Do it all If you have both iPhone and Apple Watch, they provide a complete set of tools for managing virtually all areas of your health. It also provides information on medical records and profile management. Blood sugar There are many diabetes-specific apps out there. Many focus on blood sugar management. These include: Mysugr -Sugar logging and insulin bolus calculator Onedrop - Glucose meter, and includes functions for weight management, blood pressure and heart health. Dexcom - Complete continuous glucose monitor with sensor Libre -Complete continuous glucose monitor with sensor Exercise Runkeeper – GPS-enabled fitness activity tracking; HealthKit integrated Myfitnesspal - Complete tool for tracking exercise, diet and other health measures. Fitbit – GPS-enabled activity tracking; food log, wireless and smart-scale Healthy eating and weight management Calorie king -Has a complete set of detailed caloric information for almost every food and restaurant menu item out there. Managing Stress Headspace – Guided meditations as well as practical educational background videos Calm - Focused mediations and practical education tools Quit Smoking Kwit – Motivates users by tracking the financial and health benefits of not smoking. Clickotine – Subscription program includes coaching, connection to quit aids, as well as various tracking and educational features Alcohol Moderation AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker (Android) - Alcohol consumption tracker, drinks diary and blood alcohol content calculator Drinkaware – Lifestyle app that tracks the units and calories in your drinks. Blood Pressure SmartBP – Manages blood pressure measurements and track progress Medications Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder – Personalized medication management, including reminders, educational content, and biometrics. Now it's easy to go into app overload, so start with one that you think will bring the greatest value and see how it goes. You can always change them out or add more. Here's to the technology that improves our lives.


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